We are working with Jotix Tech 2 years ago and their work and disposition has been always optimum. They are not ‘just developers’, they completely involve in their work and always offer the best choice to our needs, what is vitally important for a business in constant growth like ours. They are now our main technology partners and I’m totally sure they will also be next years. Thanks

Arturo Moreno | ViaVIP CEO

Jotix Technologies have one of the best programmers out there. Willing to make any last minute adjustments required and will stay on to make sure your site is working well after they have received payment and the contract has been closed. Very understanding if the list of requirements change slightly. Jobs completed very quickly.


Great work and quick turnaround. Jotix is quickly becoming the first choice I turn to. Very understanding and flexible. Competency has been unmatched. One of my best resources.Have very good programmers! And great communication skills.Thank you

Scott Hubber

Jotix, thank you every so much for helping me with my website. You have obviously very talented developers with good designer skills as well. I look forward to working with jotix in future.

Parimal Patel